Retrats & Events

You will have lots of fun in our place

Build your own retreat hidden in a jungle paradise of Guatemala. 

We have created this place with the dream of bringing humanity back to nature; to reconnect ourselves with our true nature of being. We believe that this will have a positive impact not only on the health of humans, but that of mother earth and all of her life forms.

From what was a common, deforested land used for growing fields of corn, we have converted into a dense, jungle forest with over 10,000 trees. Our intention is to integrate our space with mother nature and bring balance back to the ecosystem. Being immersed in the valley alongside the rivers bed, surrounded by the many species of plants and animals helps you to feel the healing vibrations that this place emanates, especially with the presence of the sacred Ceiba tree. This sanctuary of nature holds the perfect energy for you to let loose and feel free, to be and let be. Here, you are at home; you can sing, dance, laugh and scream, meditate and heal, what ever helps you to discharge and recharge. 

If you would like to book our space to host a retreat or event, here is what we offer:

Accommodation for up to 20 guests

Fully Equipped Kitchen

Yoga Platform

Meditation Nooks

Large Deck for gatherings

Outdoor Gym

Outside Spaces

River Access



You can choose to rent solely the space, or you can include additional services: cooking, cleaning, and other offerings such as a yoga instructor and massage therapist.

We are open for reservations!

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