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Stay with us in our Jungle Hotel just steps away from Semuc Champey. Detox from technology, escape the noise and find refuge in paradise at Utopia.

Choose your preferred accommodation to enjoy nature and all its marvels.

Important information 17.12.2023 - 31.01.2024

We hope you are well and enjoying your trip!
The government of Guatemala is expanding the road to Semuc Champey to make the access to this natural wonder easier for tourists and travelers. The road from Lanquin to Semuc Champey is already under construction.

The village Semil where Utopia is located will also benefit from the new road and the construction just started. As this part of the road is very narrow the road has to be closed for approx 3 weeks for all kinds of vehicles. The only way to pass will be by foot.That means we can not offer transportation all the way to Utopia. The only way to reach Utopia will be a 1.5km walk.
To make the Utopia experience possible for our guests. We will have a guide expecting our guests at the construction site to walk them to the hotel. For the guests who decide to take the walk. We offer a 15% discount on the room price. 

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